About Destilerias Aldea

This page was created by ATF Company in Hamburg, Germany. ATF is the logistic partner for Destilerias Aldea for the European market. This is not the official website of the brand Ron Aldea. This page is to inform customers about the brand and for contacting purposes for distribution enquiries.


Story of Ron Aldea:


Going back to the roots ...

As the story goes, in 1553 the island of La Palma was sacked by François Le Clerc. Just like him, many other corsairs and pirates like Francis Drake attacked the island in search of its valuable treasures. Among them, the most valuable asset, was RUM. 


Since 1936, the Quevedo family has kept secret the good work of a centennial tradition, which has been inherited generation after generation by their Master Rum Makers. Today, four generations later, we continue that tradition that gives our name and our rums a higher meaning.

La Palma island is the perfect setting to combine nature, history, culture, tradition, craftsmanship and quality in perfect balance; and it is in this setting where our rums are born. Here they preserve the essence and freshness of the freshly cut sugar cane; here they are mellowed and matured by the nobility of oak wood, as well as smoothed and rounded by the warmth and softness of our special climate. And it is here, in La Palma, where our rum gets cradled for his aging by the endless Atlantic Ocean breeze.

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