Classic Rums

Ron Aldea


The Aldea Dark is aged with a finish of 8 years in barrels previously used for storing red wines. This gives it a much lighter touch.

With this rum we considerably reduce the percentage of "aguardiente" in order to create a rum with a light cut, ideal for the world of mixology.

Age: 8 years

Alc./Vol.: 40%

Ron Aldea


The Añejo originates from our white Rum. Although it is more complex by aging in American white oak barrels, it is also ideal for cocktails.

Perfect in the classic Cuba Libre.

Age: 3-5 years

Alc./Vol.: 37,5%

Ron Aldea


The Aldea Blanco is a white rum with the typical characteristics of sugar cane and a slightly modern twist that makes it ideal for mixology.

Mojitos, Caipirinhas and Daiquiris made with this rum are spectacular.

Alc./Vol.: 37,5%