Ron Aldea


Caramel Rum is nowadays a very popular drink among our young people.

True to our rum tradition, we prepared this exquisite liqueur with our best aged rum and natural caramel, made of toasted cane sugar.

Ideal to compliment and flavour sweets, this liqueur is also delicious as a dessert on its own. Enjoy its original taste and dive into a world of unparalleled intoxicating sweetness.

Alc./Vol.: 20%

Ron Aldea


Honey Rum is a typical traditional drink of our land, the Canary Islands.

While faithfully following the old family tradition, we produce this magnificent honey liqueur with our best aged rum and natural honey from our island's apiculture.

For years it has been widely used in confectionery, gastronomy and mixology. Enjoy it whenever and wherever you fancy and allow its flavor to take you to the heart of our islands.

Alc./Vol.: 22%

Ron Aldea


Among the great treasures that our islands harbor, the “Canarian banana” stands out for its international reputation.

While remaining true to our Canarian customs, we have combined two of our most coveted jewels, rum and banana, to the delight of all senses.

Taste, aroma and quality form a solid foundation that defines this delicious elixir, first of its kind and unique in the world.

Alc./Vol.: 22%

Ron Aldea


Introduced in our islands in the late 17th century, coffee is today one of the many treasures that our land offers.

While keeping faithful to our customs, we developed this warm liqueur with our best rums and coffee beans.

Ideally flamed in cold winter evenings, it is also an energetic and refreshing “frappe” in the hot summer nights.

Alc./Vol.: 22%

Ron Aldea


Thanks to our unique climate, oranges grow sweet, fragrant and tasty in our islands.

It is our custom to prepare a “flamed rum punch” to liven up our table talks, reunions and celebrations, in which the orange is the main character.

Mixed, flamed, pure or on the rocks; for cooking, baking or mixing cocktails - you will find thousands of different ways to enjoy it.

Alc./Vol.: 22%