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Ron Aldea


Ron Aldea Tradition is the result of nearly a century of experience cultivating sugar cane and distilling rum. It is the inheritance of extraordinary and inimitable rums, subject to the vagaries of nature.

Ron Aldea Tradition is the joy of a unique collection, sculpted to be the maximum expression of desire.

Age: 22 years

Alc./Vol.: 42%

Ron Aldea


Ron Aldea Familia has been aged in French Allier oak barrels to reach full maturity. Filled with great subtlety and softness, captivating and inviting, this rum has been brought to the world in the warmth of home.

Ron Aldea Familia represents the passion and accuracy of the first Master Rum Maker, generation after generation.

Age: 15 years

Alc./Vol.: 40%

Ron Aldea


Ron Aldea Maestro has been aged in American white oak barrels to achieve its maximum splendour. Powerful but gentle, lively but pleasant, explosive but enjoyable.

Ron Aldea Maestro perfectly summarizes the meaning of rum.

Age: 10 years

Alc./Vol.: 40%

Ron Aldea

Single Cane

Ron Aldea Caña Pura keeps the essence and freshness of the freshly cut sugar cane.

From the field to the still, the sugar cane grows without hurry and ripens slowly under the sun: aroma and taste in its purest state.

Ron Aldea Caña Pura: going back to the roots...


Alc./Vol.: 40%